Crayons offers early care and education services for infants and toddlers ranging in age from 6 weeks through 36 months. Our programming focuses on the individual development of each child and is organized into three distinct groups: Infants (6 weeks – 12 mos), Ones (12 – 24 mos) and Toddlers (24 – 36 mos) in order to provide children with developmentally appropriate experiences and environments.




Crayons Infant caregivers endeavor to create partnerships with families and maintain ongoing, two-way communication. Families and caregivers share information about each child's individual needs in order to ensure a smooth transition between home and the program.

Caregivers work in collaboration with families to create and implement daily schedules and routines which respond to each child's individual development.

Caregivers foster children's language development by providing opportunities to experience songs, games and books on a daily basis.

Classroom materials and equipment are carefully chosen to provide for children's safety while challenging and encouraging children's exploration, experimentation and discovery.

Infants have opportunities to develop their fine motor skills as they use their hands and fingers to manipulate materials in a variety of age appropriate ways.

Infants have daily opportunities to practice emerging gross motor skills such as coordination, movement, balance and perceptual-motor integration as they explore their indoor and outdoor environments.



Our toddler teachers provide children with an environment that is rich in variety, supports independent use and encourages exploration, experimentation and discovery.

Children develop positive self esteem and autonomy as they are encouraged to explore their world and practice self help skills.

Toddlers are provided opportunities to use their senses to learn about their world and discover that they can make things happen and solve simple puzzles.

Toddlers are provided varied opportunities to participate in art, music, imaginative play and dance.



Crayons Preschool program is licensed by the Department of Children, Youth and Families as well as the Rhode Island Department of Education and provides services to children aged 3 -5 years. Our preschool programming offers both part time and full time schedules within four distinct classrooms providing a comprehensive curriculum taught by qualified educators. Small group size and child: educator ratios help insure that each student receives the educational support to prepare them for Kindergarten.

Preschoolers become self-directed learners as they participate in decision making about classroom rules, plans and activities. They have opportunities to learn from each other as they work and play individually, in pairs and in small and large groups.

Teachers promote children's engagement and learning by guiding them in acquiring specific skills and by teaching those skills through daily activities that foster social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive development.

Children develop language skills as they read books, reenact stories, participate in dramatic play and engage in conversations and group discussions.

Children have opportunities to become familiar with, recognize and use print throughout classroom activities. They develop phonological awareness as they experience language through books, songs, poems, games and other classroom activities.

Children are provided varied opportunities and materials that encourage them to use their five senses to observe, explore and experiment with scientific phenomena.

Children have opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills as they navigate, explore and manipulate indoor and outdoor environments.

Children build an understanding of early mathematical concepts such as numbers, quantities, shape, size, basic geometry, time and one to one correspondence as they manipulate and experiment with a variety of items within the context of their classroom and daily lives.

Teachers use knowledge of children's individualized strengths, needs and interests to guide educational planning and enhance children's learning individually and as a group.

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